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With Tablo you can create a book, share it with readers on your profile, and self-publish it as an eBook and paperback book to 40,000 online and physical bookshops with one click. It's the easiest, the most comprehensive, and the most enjoyable way to become a published author. That's why authors in over 150 countries call Tablo home.

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Write and share on Tablo for free; self-publish in eBook & paperback to nearly every bookshop in the world from $99/year.

There are two ways to publish a book on Tablo. You can write and share anything for free on your Tablo profile, which is a great way to sample new writing or share a work-in-progress with our global reading community. If your book is finished, you can then publish in eBook and paperback on the largest distribution network available to independent authors including Amazon, the iBooks Store, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, and nearly 40,000 physical bookshops around the world.

Every book can be published as both an eBook and a paperback book, with just one click. Tablo takes care of the assets, assigns ISBNs and managest distribution for you, so you can focus on your writing. Paperback publishing is made possible by a global network that will list your books as in-stock, but only print and deliver each copy of your book on-demand and at the print facility closest to the customer, providing you with publisher-levels of distribution without ever requiring you to hold an inventory. You'll see a paperback listing of your book alongside your eBook on stores like Amazon, and you'll even be able to walk into your local bookshop and order a copy of over the counter.

Our distribution plans range from $99 to $299 per year. Each plan includes all of the required ISBNs for your book, and you'll even keep 100% of your sales proceeds.

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